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In an industry riddled with exclusivity, comparison and aesthetic judgement, MoveDanceBe offers a countercultural philosophy on dance and movement for children and adults. Our classes aim to provide opportunities for all to be involved in the joy that is dance, movement and expression. Our inclusive framework values creativity, encouragement and anatomically safe technique, with classes delivered by experienced teachers. We use strength based philosophy to build confidence and offer a range of classes to meet diverse needs.

We also offer various touring programs and workshops that aim to support schools and dance studios/companies to foster encouraging environments as well as supporting individuals to recognise their strengths, and extend their capacity to enjoy and maintain health in their personal dance practice. 

For more information on classes and workshops please visit our classes page. 

Dance Movement Therapy 

Dance Movement Therapy is the is the therapeutic use of movement and dance to further a participant's emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration. It is based on the empirically supported premise that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. Dance movement therapy combines the creative process and the study of human movement into a holistic approach that draws upon the elements inherent in dance. Programs are delivered by registered Dance Movement Therapists and designed to meet specific goals and bring about therapeutic change.

Have you ever questioned a friends verbal response based solely on their body language? Or noticed yourself becoming agitated during a long flight? This happens because our mental and emotional experiences are reflected in our bodies. Our physical experiences and capacity deeply impact our social, emotional and mental space. Dance Movement Therapy operates on this continuum, of the body and mind/emotions/internal experiences being connected - to produce change.  

MoveDanceBe is proud to offer Dance Movement Therapy as an option to enable healing and growth for many client groups For more information please visit the Dance Movement Therapy page. 


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MoveDanceBe Dance Movement Therapy and Classes offer a range of individual and group services that promote wellness through movement and expression. 

Located in Melbourne our professional dance movement therapy services provide therapeutic engagement that meet each individual's needs and work toward their specific goals. Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is recruited along with dance based interventions and counselling techniques as necessary, to engage with participants in a measurable, meaningful and effective way.

Our classes and workshops are informed by our passion for movement and it's connection to wellness. We believe dance expression should be inclusive, encouraging and safe at all times. Our classes have a strong focus on creative expression, strength based anatomical movement, and fostering skills such as confidence, resilience, self care and emotional intelligence within participants

The doctor said to my mother, Mrs Lynne, Gillian isn't sick, she's a dancer take her to a dance school.... and that's what she did'

Gillian Lynne - Choreographer (Cat's, Phantom of the Opera) 

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