Classes and Workshops 

In an industry riddled with exclusivity, comparison and aesthetic judgement, MoveDanceBe offers a countercultural philosophy on dance and movement for children and adults. Our classes aim to provide opportunities for all to be involved in the joy that is dance, movement and expression. Our inclusive framework values creativity, encouragement and anatomically safe technique, with classes delivered by experienced teachers. We use strength based philosophy to build confidence and offer a range of classes to meet diverse needs.

If you are a studio owner looking to facilitate classes in: expression and improvisation, conditioning and dance health, contemporary, or inclusive classes for persons with special needs please get in contact today. 

For an up to date list of classes and locations please send us an email:

We also offer various touring programs and workshops that aim to support schools and dance studios/companies to foster encouraging environments as well as supporting individuals to recognise their strengths, and extend their capacity to enjoy and maintain health in their personal dance practice. 

Workshops include: 

PAUSE - a program for adolescent and adult dancers on the power of rest, reflection, connection, and intentionality when it comes to the body, body image and dance.

MY STORY - a narrative based dance therapy group program for adolescents and adults based around processing experience through voice and movement with others. 

OUTSIDE THE LINES - A creative movement and expression program for children and adolescents that will grow their confidence to create new movement, creatively problem solve and find new ways to express themselves that fosters growth and resilience. 

MoveDanceBe is also proud to partner with community initiatives and seek grant approval to provide access to workshops for schools and groups that may not otherwise be able to participate and strongly encourage contacting us to find out more if financial restrictions would inhibit you from holding a workshop in your school, studio or community centre.