Dance Movement Therapy 

Dance Movement Therapy is the is the therapeutic use of movement and dance to further a participant's emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration. It is based on the empirically supported premise that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected. Dance movement therapy combines the creative process and the study of human movement into a holistic approach that draws upon the elements inherent in dance. Programs are delivered by registered Dance Movement Therapists and designed to meet specific goals and bring about therapeutic change. 

Dance movement therapy differs from other forms of movement and dance that may be healing or therapeutic, as dance movement therapy can only be offered by a professional who is recognised by their professional association (in Australasia,  the DTAA) as having reached the appropriate level of training and skill. MoveDanceBe takes a client centred approach at all times and specific goals for the therapeutic journey are agreed upon by client and therapist. We recognise that many of our clients may also be receiving treatment from other health professionals including psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc. We work to engage with these professionals to ensure an effective multidisciplinary approach can be achieved for participants. 

Practically, Dance Movement Therapy can look very different as therapy is formed in response to client goals. However, Dance Movement Therapy always acknowledges and engages with the body as well as the mind/emotions (but this does not have to mean dancing as you would commonly think of it). For this reason it proves very appropriate for children experiencing Autism, persons who have experienced physical trauma as well as those whom enjoy learning kinaesthetically. If you are wondering if Dance Movement Therapy is appropriate for yourself or someone close to you, give us a call today for more information including details about complimentary initial assessments. Or check out our blog for examples, latest research and further information. 

Our Dance Movement Therapists and services are supervised by DTAA professional honorary member and Certified Movement Analyst Jane Guthrie.